Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC.S Blade Table Tennis Ping Pong Racket (ST/FL)

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About Butterfly

Butterfly is a leading supplier of professional table tennis equipment. With Butterfly equipment, anyone can quickly advance their game to the next level with a table tennis racket from Butterfly's selection. From the most elite to casual weekenders to everyone in between, Butterfly Table Tennis carries superior equipment for all types of players.Based in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan, Butterfly is a brand name used by Tamasu Co., Ltd., a major table tennis apparel and equipment supplier.

Item Details:

  • Condition : NEW 

  • Brand : Butterfly

  • Model : Innerforce Layer ALC.S

  • Ply: 5-ply wood + 2 ALC

  • Style : Attack | Reaction: 10.1 | Vibration: 8.4

  • Blade Size : 157 * 150 * 5.5 mm

  • Grip Size : [FL 100 * 24 mm] / [ST 100 * 23 mm]

  • Avg. weight : 87g~

  • Material : 5 plywood 2 Arylate Carbon Inner Fiber

  • Great for players playing close to mid distance to the table.

  • Ideal for strong first ball attacks.

  • Easier to create spin on the ball.

  • Easy to 'hold' the ball on the racket.

  • The all new INNERFORCE LAYER ALC.S is designed according to the concept of the popular INNERFORCE LAYER ALC blade – but it moves one step further. The thinner core layer provides reduced weight, a lower vibration property and a softer touch, while the ALC fiber, located just above the core, grants the precision and stability associated with any ALC blade. The INNERFORCE LAYER ALC.S is recommended for an offensive playing style focused on spin.

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