Butterfly Table Tennis ping pong G40+ 3-Star Ball Pack of 12 White ITTF approved

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About Butterfly

Butterfly is a leading supplier of professional table tennis equipment. With Butterfly equipment, anyone can quickly advance their game to the next level with a table tennis racket from Butterfly's selection. From the most elite to casual weekenders to everyone in between, Butterfly Table Tennis carries superior equipment for all types of players.Based in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan, Butterfly is a brand name used by Tamasu Co., Ltd., a major table tennis apparel and equipment supplier.

Item Details:

  • 100% genuine

  • Condition : NEW 

  • Brand : Butterfly

  • Model :  G40+ 3-Star Ball

  • Color : White

  • Size : 40 mm

  • Material : Plastic

  • ITTF approved

  • Box : Pack of 12

  • The G40+ 3-Star Ball is the new plastic ITTF Approved Ball from Butterfly

  • Very round as the ball has the same thickness at all points

  • The bounce more closely resembles that of a celluloid ball

  • New material – New feel – New sound – New ball

  • Play the best, Play Butterfly

  • Made in Germany.

  • With constant feedback from professional as well as amateur players, the second generation of Butterfly THREE-STAR G40+ Balls displays major improvements in all aspects. The wall thickness and roundness have been optimized alongside the even hardness across the circumference, resulting in an even more constant bounce (as well as improved spin capabilities), providing the player with additional quality and safety in his or her game. All players currently suffering from the difference between plastic balls of different manufacturers will be happy to note the more subtle sound and lower bounce of the second generation BUTTERFLY G40+ balls. Completed by the durability and longevity, the Butterfly THREE-STAR G40+ Balls remains the first choice on the road to success.

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