Xiom MUSA III Table Tennis Ping Pong Rubber Black/Red [ 2.0mm / Max ]

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About XIOM

XIOM (pronounced "axiom") started in 1976 under the name Champion Limited Corporation, which fully specialized in producing table tennis tables for the Korean market. In 2007 the new brand XIOM was launched. XIOM has gained its reputation with the various lines of rubber sheets including Omega, Vega and Sigma. Most of these rubber sheets have XIOM's signature "Carbo Black Sponge", which allows for the generation of more spin and speed. In recent years, XIOM has focused on developing plastic ball ready products, which led to the introduction of the Dynamic Friction technology that is used in snow tires. In addition, XIOM's blades are made in Japan, Korea, and China and they also achieved the fame of high quality. 

XIOM's legendary movement will be materialized with Feel blade series launching in 2017 after being successful on Novus Series. XIOM is currently making an official sponsorship of Beijing Team, which includes players such as Ma Long (2017 World Men's Singles Champion), Ding Ning (2017 World Women's Singles Champion). XIOM and Champion have also sponsored the 1988 Olympics and the 1986, 2002, 2014 Asian Games and Korean National teams. "XIOM" refers to the term axiom, means "new paradigm".

Item Details:

  • Condition : NEW 

  • Brand : Xiom

  • Model : MUSA III

  • Color : Red / Black

  • Thickness :  2.0mm / Max

  • Speed : 75

  • Spin: 85

  • Control : 88


  • TECHNOLOGICALLY DESIGNED TO INCREASE ‘WINNING PROBABILITY’ INNOVATED POWER DYNAMICS FOR SPEED AND ACCURACY GREEN BIOS TECHNOLOGY – NO TOXIC AND NO SMELL MUSA III has a technological platform of HYPER ELASTO which applies to the most of professional rubbers of XIOM. HYPER ELASTO boosts actual winning probability, which brought immense success to the brand XIOM. Aggressive-but-safe ball trajectory made by advanced spin-charging mechanism of HYPER ELASTO increases the probability of success in rally. HYPER ELASTO rubbers used by players worldwide have proved it in real life games for many years. Modern table tennis strategy developed from China emphasize on the importance of close-to-table control. Accurate service, controlled service return, tactical pre-attack rally, and solid close-to-table topspins became the mainstream of modern table tennis. MUSA III, newly tuned from HYPER ELASTO, promotes your winning probability in these mainstream tactics with the new mechanism. Innovated controllability and new ball-clicking dynamics of rubber formula allow players to creatively make tactical ball-trajectories around the table. MUSA III will also reduce your unforced errors dramatically; you will find yourself dominating the pace of game eventually. Repulsive energy balanced against friction is maximized to the limit for aggressive speed and power.

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